Travel and Tourism Management (TTM)

Arunachal Pradesh has tremendous scope for development of tourism as a viable economic activity and generating employment opportunities for the youths. Keeping this fact in mind the above three year fulltime diploma program in Travel and Tourism Development is being offered to train young and ebullient youths in upcoming tourism infra and super structures.

The Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (TTM) has been developed keeping in mind people who wish to make their career in some branch of tourism. The curriculum for Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (TTM) is designed so as to develop multi-skills and multifunctional manpower for Travel and Tourism Management (TTM).

The students passing out of ‘Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (TTM)’ will possess various skills as per the societies demand. In particular, the students will develop the required competence in the area of computer application; they would be able to independently prepare projects. The students will also possess primary skills needed to plan, mange, troubleshoot and maintain infrastructure and facilities required in this industry.

Apart from the technological skills, efforts have been made to ensure development of some soft skills like communication skills, social skills, and life long learning skills, in the students to stand successfully in the global competition.


  1. To train personnel in diverse activities at various levels in travel management, tour operations, catering, accommodation management, etc.
  2. To expose the students to best practice in this service industry and provide hands on experience.
  3. To build students their career in the industry.
  4. To develop manpower for self and/or wage employment in service industry.


  1. Mrs. Yakum Taba, HOD i/c
  2. Shri  Rama  Kanta  Mishra, Senior Lecturer
  3. Mrs. Kago Mariam, Lecturer
  4. Sh.Licha Tath, Lab. Asstt.
  5. Mr. Tacha  Lusi  Sorum, Lab. Asstt.