Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering



G 101 Communication Skill-I
G 103 Mathematics-I
G 105 Physics-I
G 107 Chemistry-I
G 201 Engineering Drawing-I
G 203 Workshop Practice-I
G 207 Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
G 109 NCC1 / NSS1

Term 2

G 102 Communication Skill – II
G104 Mathematics-II
G106 Physics-II G
G108 Chemistry-II G
G202 Engineering Drawing-II
G204 Workshop Practice-II
G205 Engineering Mechanics
G110 NCC II / NSS II 0 0

Term 3

G 206B Introduction to Information Technology
G 301 Environmental Education (Softcore-I)
EEE 401 Circuits & Networks
EEE 402 Electrical & Electronic Measurements
EEE 403 Electrical Machines I
EEE 411 Heat Engine

Term 4

EEE 404 Electrical Power Systems I
EEE 407 Electrical Machines II
EEE 406 Electronic Devices & Circuits
EEE 501 Analog Electronics
EEE 502 Digital Electronics
EEE 508 C Programming

Term 5

EEE 408 Electrical Power System II
EEE 409 Power Electronics
EEE 405 Electrical Drawing & Estimation
EEE 410 Electrical & Electronic Workshops
EEE 504 Microprocessor, Microcontroller & its Applications
EEE 507 Maintenance of Electrical & Electronic Equipment
EEE 601-608 Elective I

Term 6

EEE 503 Switch Gear & Protection
EEE 505 Instrumentation & Control
EEE 506 Consumer Electronics
G 302A-F Soft Core II
EEE 509 Technical Seminar
EEE 510 Projects
EEE 601-608 Elective II

Industrial Training: Students have to undergo Industrial Training in one phase during the vacation after the 4th semester. The training shall be for a duration of not less than 5(five) weeks. A Student who does not complete the Industrial Training shall not be eligible for admission in the 5th Semester.