About the Library:

Institute strongly believes in the values of library. The institute has a state of art library possessing all the relevant learning materials like books, journals, manuals, instructional materials, CBT’s (Computer Based Tutorials), interactive CD’s, simulation software, digital library etc.The library has adequate and relevant collection of books on the different technical and general subjects. Learning Resource Utilisation Centre (LRUC) set up in the library extends the facility for the students to learn through seeing, net browsing and interacting.

Facility at Library:

  • Text books and reference books
  • General and recreation books
  • News papers and magazines
  • Xeroxing facility on pay and use basis
  • Old question papers
  • LRUC
  • Reading area

Book lending facility:

Each student will be issued with 5 library cards out of which 3 can be used for borrowing the books for 15 days and the other 2 cards can be used for reference purpose that is to read inside the library in the free time.

Facility at LRUC:

Computer BasedTraining !Tutorial materials (CBT) on

  • Different technical subjects
  • General subjects
  • English & communication improvement
  • Personality development
  • General knowledge

Net browsing:

Students have access to learn through internet browsing

Edusat SIT:

Centre has education satellite connection having a Sub Interactive Terminal (SIT). Through this students can have access to selected programs / lectures held at different parts of the country along with interaction facility.

Library Staff:

  • Mr.Jay Prakash Pandey; Librarian
  • Mr. Lemthai Mossang; Library Assistant.
  • Ms. Dorrik Lollen; Library Assistant.
  • Ms. Hibu Ronya; Library Attendant