Overview of Academic Rules (APSCTE)

Overview of Academic Rules (APSCTE):

A candidate who has passed AISSE (Class X conducted by the CBSE) or its equivalent examination with Mathematics and Science is eligible for admission to a Diploma Programme provided that the candidate has not been debarred from appearing in any examination by any authority constituted by the Government or statutory board or University at the time of admission.

Registration & Re-registration for Regular studies:
Immediately after admission in the First semester, students have to register for study and end term examination in regular courses. In each successive semesters,a student will have to re-register him(her)self for all the courses on offer with choice of optional courses, if any. Each course will be identified by its Course Code and Course Title and will have a prescribed number of credits as given in the curriculum. One hour of Theory/Practical per week per course will have I (one) credit. Each course will have maximum marks assigned for the three components of the course viz. Theory (T), Practical (P) and Progressive Assessment (PA)/Term Work (TW) as defined in the curriculum. A student will be assessed on all or any combinations of the three components mentioned above as provided for in the curriculum.A student will be awarded the credits for the particular course if (s)he passes in all the components of the Course.

Re-Admission of Discontinued Students:
A student who had on some valid grounds discontinued his/her studies within a semester or had not kept the term (i.e. shortage in attendance or non completion of Term Work/Progressive assessment) for current semester of study, can apply and get readmission in the same semester in the following or subsequent academic years if he/she desires to complete the Programme and satisfies the following conditions:

  • The student should not have exhausted the total period of study permitted (i.e. six academic calendar years) to complete the Program.
  • He/she should be able to complete his/her full course of study within the above stipulated total period. A student who had discontinued his/her studies continuously or in spells for more than 3 years will not be recommended for readmission.

Termination of Registration:

Grounds of Termination:
The registration of a student in a Program terminated on the following grounds:

  • Misconduct or breach of discipline, on r recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee and approved by the Principal.
  • Continuous absence in a semester for more than 30 working days and there being no application from the student for withdrawal.
  • On having been found to have produced false documents or having made false declaration at the time of seeking admission.
  • On having been found to be pursuing regular studies in any other college, Uhiversity or an educational institution. However this does not affects in the case of open Universities, as it does not hamper the regular studies at the polytechnic.
  • On having been found to be concurrently employed and performing duty or carrying out business.
  • For not registering in a semester without being permitted to be absent from the institute.

Termination on Shortage in Earned Credits:
The registration of a student will  automatically stand terminated if he/she fails to earn a minimum of 28 credits at the end of second semester of the first year( Not applicable in case of a student who has been permitted to withdraw from a semester in that academic year).