• Students have to take all the courses of the respective semester.
  • A student will have attained the minimum attendance in each course and secured the minimum pass mark prescribed for a pass in the Progressive Assessment /Term Work of each course.
  • A student failing to attain the minimum attendance and not keeping the Term even in a single course will not be allowed to appear in the end semester examination and he/she has to repeat the semester again by attending the classes (for that particular course). Such type of candidate will not be allowed to move to the higher semester without appearing in the previous end semester examination.
  • A student must get himself/herself duly admitted to each semester of classes which he/she is allowed to attend on satisfying relevant clauses of this regulation and payment of the prescribed fees.
  • A student will be allowed to appear altogether in 10 (ten) courses only in an end term examination including all courses of the regular semester.
  • While attempting to clear the backlog courses, a student must appear courses of lower semester first and then the higher semester.
  • A student must clear all backlog courses subjects of I st semester for promotion to 5th semester. Similarly (s)he must clear all backlog courses of 2nd semester for promotion to 6th semester.
  • Those students, who are not promoted and cannot take admission in 5th and 6th semester(s), can appear in backlog courses of the lower semesters.
  • To pass in a course a candidate must secure pass marks in both theory, practical and term work components individually.
  • A student failing in anyone component of a course (either theory or practical) will have to reappear in that component only as backlog candidate
  • Maximum permissible period for completion of Diploma course by a student will be 6 academic years from the date of admission.
  • In case any anomaly is detected at any stage during the whole process up to publication of result,such matter must be brought to the notice of the Secretary, SCTE through Examination Committee for necessary action and his decision will be final and binding.
  • The complaints of candidates, if any, in respect of results will not be entertained if such complaints are made to the SCTE after 21 days from the date of declaration of result.
  • No re-evaluation of the answer script already evaluated in respect of any paper of any examination will be allowed but re-checking of answer scripts may be allowed provided the candidate concerned applies with a rechecking fee as prescribed within 21 days from the date of publication of result of the respective examination or such period as notified by the SCTE. Re­ checking means re-totalling of marks and scrutiny of any answer not valued already. No re-evaluation or re-checking of Practical and Term work of any examination will be permitted.
  • For re-checking students have to apply to the Controller of Examination through Principal along with rechecking fee as fixed by the SCTE within 21 days of declaration of result or such period as notified by the SCTE.
  • The rechecking will be done by the Secretary or any officer authorized by him in confidence and not in presence of the candidate. If any answer is left un-assessed, the Secretary of the SCTE will cause it to be assessed in confidence. In case where there will occur an omission of any nature affecting the results, the same will be rectified and the results modified and declared accordingly.
  • Duplicate mark, may be issued to a candidate provided an application is submitted to the Secretary of the SCTE with a duplicate mark sheet fee, newspaper advertisement / affidavit sworn before a I st class Magistrate and police verification report. The candidate requiring duplicate mark sheet must mention in his/her application his name, examination Roll No, Registration No., month and year of examination. A certificate from Head of Institute identifying the candidature of applicant for the examination should be enclosed with the application.
  • The answer scripts of the candidates for an examination will be preserved for three years from the date of publication of the results and the same will be destroyed after the period by order of the Secretary of the State Council.
  • Migration of students registered under the State Council for Technical Education, Arunachal Pradesh to other Board/State Council etc. will be allowed on application submitted in prescribed form along with the requisite migration fee to the Council.
  • The Council reserves the right to withdraw/cancel/withhold the mark sheets. Provisional/Diploma Certificates, issued, by mistake, to candidates who have not fulfilled the eligibility for such mark sheets/certificates, without any prior notice or explanation whenever such cases are detected.
  • The Chairman of the State Council shall have the right to alter, amend or delete any or all of the above noted regulations.
  • The decision of the Chairman of the State Council in all above cases will be final.
  • In case of disputes in respect of anything into the regulation, the jurisdiction for legal proceedings will be Itanagar in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.


For more information please visit APSCTE / DHTE website : www.apdhte.nic.in