About the Hostel:

Institute has two hostels one for boys and one for girls. Maximum accommodation in girls hostel is 60 and in boy’s hostel is 80.

The administrative head of hostel is warden who is a faculty member. The boy’s hostel warden is supported with co warden / care taker who is a technical support staff member.

Hostel wardens & co-wardens are having the powers to check any rooms / any person belonging to hostel and can take necessary action for smooth and disciplined functioning of hostel. Each hostel is provided with man power of cook, helpers & sanitary assistants who will be reporting to hostel warden / co- warden and will be discharging the duties under their direction & supervision. The mess / canteen is run by the boarders themselves on expenditure sharing basis by forming a mess management committee under the guidance of the hostel warden. The stock or account of both moveable and immoveable property / materials of the hostel and its maintenance is under the possession of hostel warden / co- warden. The movement of hostel boarders is under the discretion of the hostel wardens depending on the situation. Hostel wardens nominate the monitors to maintain the discipline and day to day activities of the hostels.

Admission procedure:

  • Only bonafide students of the institution are entitled to get seat in the hostel.
  • The admission to the hostel is made / taken only in the beginning of every odd semester and is valid for one year.
  • Admission to hostel in the first year is as per the first come first serve basis based on their registration date in the institution.The admission for second year and third year is based on the merit obtained in the first year diploma examination of respective branch considering both I st and 2nd semester marks.
  • The seat allotment is as per the availability of the seat and as per the reservation policy of the institute framed by the Hostel Management Committee time to time.
  • All the students who have registered in the institution for diploma program may not get / take admission in the hostel. For admission to the hostel students have to submit the application in the prescribed format each time.
  • On scrutinising the application form the seat allotment list, procedure for hostel admission & last dates / dead lines will be notified by the respective warden on the institution notice board time to time.
  • On allotment of seat students have to remit the applicable hostel fee within minimum four working days from the date of notification or as perthe last date notified in the notification.
  • The rooms are allocated on sharing basis.On allotment of seat both boarder, his / her parent & local guardian have to execute room allotment undertaking and enter all the necessary details of self, parent & local guardian along disease details if any e.t.c, in the hostel admission register. Each boarder will have to submit two photographs for fixing in the admission register and room allotment undertaking form.
  • Hostel fee shall be paid for one complete year.In case of leaving the hostel after the odd semester or in the middle of the odd or even semester for whatever the reason the fee paid will not be returned neither the fees is transferable to any other student.Any eligible student willing to take admission in the hostel against that vacant seat he / she have to remit the full fee for the particular year irrespective of the time of joining.
  • In the event of student is not eligible for the next even / odd semester for whatever the reason he / she will automatically losses seat in the hostel for further term and is bound to vacate the hostel on announcement of his / her examination / eligibility result.
  • Each student has to possess their own meal plate, water glass, water jug, tea cup, bedding, bed sheet, cheddar, summer & winter blanket, Pillow, pillow cover etc. along with other routine essential items for the stay