Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities In the Institute:

In general four main activities are conducted in an academic year @ two activities in each semester. These cultural & extra curricular activities give a good platform to the students to bring out & showcase their hidden talent amidst the hectic busy academic activities.

Odd Semester      :    Fresher meet Annual Picnic
Even Semester    :     RIELA General Farewell

All the activities are conducted by the Students Welfare Committee (SWC) under the Supervision of proctor and respective committee coordinators under the direction of the Principal. The executive members of SWC are unanimously selected or nominated by the Principal.

  1. Fresher meet is arranged with an intension of welcoming of new batch of students to the family of RGGP with proper orientation & briefing about the academic rules & regulations.                                                                                                                                         General farewell is the way the family of RGGP in general & the students in particular greet the out going students, remembering their contribution & their achievement in up holding name and fame of the institution.
  2. Annual Picnic is the moment of enjoyment for all,the members of the RGGP family wherein all the students,staff & faculty members go out on a selected place / picnic spot and enjoy the day with lot of fun, games & music.This get together is a part of team building activity to inculude the feeling of oneness among all.
  3. The most important activity of the institute celebrated in festival mood is Annual Sports and Cultural event called RIELA: Recreation, Information, Entertainment, & Literary Activities.
    Generally, students / participants are grouped in to 4 houses. Each house is headed by house captain. Each house participates in every event representing their team .The competition is between the houses. Almost all the students get involved in this programme.

RIELA provides a platform for the students to exhibit & showcase their extracurricular talent in various fields which refreshes them both mentally and physically.