Examination Rules


Two Examinations are held I a year for all the odd and even semester by the institute on behalf of Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Technical Education.

The passing criteria of a course is a follows

  • Theory-35% of Marks
  • Practical- 40% of Marks

The distribution of marks for practical component of a course is as follows:

  • Class performance & record- 70% of the total marks
  • Final test- 70% of the total marks
  • Viva –voce- 30% of total marks

Examination Rules:

  • The candidates appearing in any of the examinations shall obey such rules of the examination, as may be prescribed from time to time by the Examination Committee of the APSCTE.
  • Any candidates violating any of the rules or adopting unfair means in the examination shall be liable to be expelled from the examination hall.Such expelled candidate may be allowed to continue the rest of the examination at their own risk and responsibility. The decision taken by the Examination Committee of the APSCTE shall be announced along with the respective results of the examinations and shall be final and binding on the candidate.
  • The candidate(s) indulging in any of the following or similar acts(not exhaustive) in the examination hall will be considered as committing malpractice/adopting unfair means in the examination and will be booked for the same:-

a) Possessing hand written or printed / xerox / written materials, programmable calculators, organizers, mobile phones, pagers etc. With/without materials related/not related to the day’s examination.

b) Writing any appeal to examiner or any irrelevant matters in the Answer Books.

c) Writing the Roll No., Registration No. or any mark of identification in the answer book or additional sheets other than the fly-slip.

d) Wasting the examination stationeries want only.

e) Tearing off sheets from the Answer Book.

f) Noting down answers of problems etc. In the question paper before leaving the hall.

g) Talking with neighbours, showing signs or signals to others in the hall/verandah.

h)  Exchanging or showing the answer book or additional sheets to other examines.

i) Inserting pre-written additional sheet(s) having matters related to the course of the day’s examination into the main answer book.

j) Refusing to give written statement, refusing to receive show cause notice, absenting from enquiries, running away from examination hall when caught for any malpractice, trying to destroy the evidences.

k) Acts of threats, violence, creating disturbance inside/outside the examination hall, preventing other candidates from the examination hall misbehavior with the supervising staff etc.

l) Taking away with him/her the written Answer book without handing over the same to the hall invigilator.

m) Impersonating for other candidate or someone impersonating for the candidate.

n) Causing damage to examination records or examiners or their belongings.

The candidates who had been booked under any of the above mentioned or similar malpractices will be enquired by an Enquiry Committee headed by the Centre Superintendent and punishments will be awarded by the Examination/Disciplinary Committee depending on the nature and severity of the malpractice.

The following are the punishments that awarded to such candidates:-

  1. All papers of the concerned semester written by the candidate in that sitting including practical(s) will be cancelled.
  2. All papers written by the candidate in that sitting (all semester papers including practical(s))will be cancelled.
  3. In addition to 1 and 2 above, the candidate may be debarred from appearing in the Council’s examination for specific durations.