Diploma in Herbal Technology

Diploma in Herbal Technology:

About the programme:

Diploma Programme in HERBAL TECHNOLOGY is AICTE recognized Course, first time introduced in India at RGP, Itanagar and proposed to start in the State with a view to educate and develop awareness amongst people about these medicinal and aromatic herbal plants and their uses in medicinal and cosmetics preparations.  This curriculum will also educate and train people on different aspects of cultivation, extraction, processing and marketing of herbal plants thereby generating the much needed employment for the youth of the state.

Teaching methodology

Learning takes place through class room teaching in addition to laboratory practical, group discussion, role play etc. Field visit/ Industrial visit are also arranged for better under understanding of concept/ topics.

Teaching learning through modern learning aids like CBTs (Computer Based Tutorials)

Faculty members & staff

  • Mrs. Banu Otem Dai, HOD I/c

Industrial visit for practical exposure

Laboratories available in the department

  • Pharmaceutical Lab.
  • Tissue Culture Lab.
  • Cosmetic Lab
  • Instrumentation Lab
  • Nursery with Net House

Specific activities

  • Industry-Institute-Community Linkage for incorporation of indigenous ethnic knowledge for blending with modern technology.
  • More stress on practical oriented learning with proper theory and principle understanding.
  • Preparation of Medicines/ Cosmetics, Analysis of Herbs along with development of Herbal Garden/ Nursery by students only.
  • Technical know how’s for Manufacturing/ preparation of Bio-fertilizers/ Organic Manures with Cropping System Interventions for increasing the net profit value by cultivation of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants with Traditional Crops.
  • State of art knowledge about operation/ maintenance of most modern PC based sophisticated analytical instruments/ equipments for advanced research & development.


Term 1

G101 Communication Skill -I
HT101 Mathematics
HT102 Anatomy & Physiology
HT103 Physics
G107 Chemistry-I
HT204 Introduction to Herbal

Term 2

G102 Communication Skill-II
HT104 Biotechnology – I
G108 Chemistry-II
HT202 Environmental Education
HT203 Basic Soil Chemistry
G206B Introduction to Information Technology

Term 3

HT201 Chemistry – III
Soft Core – 1
Soft Core – 2
HT401 Cultivation of Medicinal Plants
HT405 Processing Equipment & Machinery
HT406 Process Technology


HT402 Analytical Chemistry
HT403 Phytochemistry
HT408 Bio pharmaceutics
HT409 Fertilizer, Manures & Plant Protection Measures
HT501 Clinical Assessment of herbal formulation
HT502 Pharmacognosis

Term 5

HT404 Drugs & Cosmetic Laws
HT407 Formulation Development
HT503 Plant Toxicology
HT504 Pharmacology
HT506 Quality control of herbal formulation
HT507 Manufacturing of herbal formulation


HT205 Entrepreneurship Development
HT410 Pharmacokinetics
HT505 Biotechnology – II
HT601-604 Elective- I
HT508 Seminar
HT509 Project

Industrial Training: Students have to undergo Industrial Training in one phase during the vacation after the 4th semester. The training shall be for a duration of not less than 5(five) weeks. A Student who does not complete the Industrial Training shall not be eligible for admission in the 5th Semester.