Diploma in Garment & Fashion Technology

Diploma in Garment & Fashion Technology:

About the programme:

Garment and Fashion Technology is an upcoming field. The requirement of the man power in garment fashion and designing is growing day by day. This program is designed to impart effective training to develop skilled technician to meet the present day requirements of the garment industry. The curriculum of the programme mainly focuses on various garment design and production aspects.

Teaching methodology

  • Written instruction
  • Audio visual display
  • Black board
  • Nature class
  • Field visit
  • Fashion Show
  • Community interaction
  • Industrial visit
  • Interaction with person related to the field
  • Class room practical

Laboratories available in the department

  • CAD lab
  • Special machine lab
  • Drafts lab
  • Dyeing lab
  • Textile lab

Specific Instruction to students

  • Follow safety Precaution in the laboratories
  • 75 % attendance compulsory for theory classes
  • 100 % attendance is desirable for practical classes

Faculty members & staff

  • Miss Nyari Techi, HOD i/c
  • Miss Dorik Diyum,Lecturer
  • Miss Kari Lombi, Lectrurer
  • Ms. Gabur Taga, Lab Asst.

Activities in the Department

  • Mentoring
  • Interaction with parents/ guardians
  • Helping to compete for higher studies in premier institutes and get right placement
  • Innovative nature class
  • Participation of fashion shows of importance and social cause
  • Encouraging building a personality of integrity
  • Special class for weaker students


Term 1

G101 Communication Skill -I
GFT101 Mathematics
GFT102 Value and ethics in Technical Education
GFT103 Physics
GFT104 History of Fashions
GFT105 Chemistry
GFT201 Drafting & Layout-I

Term 2

G102 Communication Skill-II
GFT106 Basic Garment design
GFT107 Introduction to Textile GFT202 Drafting & Layout-II
G206B Introduction to Information Technology
G301 Environmental Education

Term 3

GFT203 Machine Tools & Equipment
GFT204 Elements of Design
GFT205 Basic Garment Fabrication
GFT206 Material Studies
G302B/D-GFT302/303 Soft Core
GFT401 Style Reading, Pattern Making & Adaptation

Term 4

GFT402 Surface ornamentation techniques
GFT403 CAD in Fashion Technology
GFT404 Fashion Illustration
GFT406 Drafting, Cutting &Stitching (children)
GFT407 Drafting, Cutting &Stitching (women)
GFT410 Fabric Formation Technique

Term 5

GFT405 Drafting, Cutting &Stitching (men)
GFT408 Draping
GFT409 Product development & fashion fore casting
GFT503 Historical Costumes of India
GFT506 Fashion Merchandising
GFT502 Apparel Quality Assurance
GFT504 Creative Dyeing and Printing

Term 6

GFT501 Entrepreneurship Development
GFT505 Portfolio development
GFT601-605 Elective- I
GFT601-605 Elective- II
GFT507 Seminar
GFT508 Project

Industrial Training: Students have to undergo Industrial Training in one phase during the vacation after the 4th semester. The training shall be for a duration of not less than 5(five) weeks. A Student who does not complete the Industrial Training shall not be eligible for admission in the 5th Semester.