Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

About the programme:

Electrical and electronic equipments are making the life of man more interesting and comfortable and these equipments are used in the many aspect of life. Arunachal Pradesh is large in area and in developing stage. There is enough entrepreneurship & job potential for Electrical & Electronic diploma pass outs. Since the state is rich in natural resources, there is enormous scope for hydel power generation.

The department of Electrical & Electronic engineering offers 3 years regular diploma programme in Electrical & Electronic engineering and is intended to develop in the students the basic competencies required to meet the challenges in the field of electrical & electronics.

Teaching methodology

Theoretical concepts through class room teaching followed by practical / laboratory teaching, group discussion, role play etc. Field visit / Industrial visit are a part of the programme for better under standing of concept/ topics

Laboratories / workshop available in the department

  • Basic Electronics Lab.
  • Instrumentation & Control lab.
  • Digital Electronics & Microprocessor
  • Electrical Machines lab
  • Audio, Video, Communication & TV     Engineering lab
  • Electrical & Electronic Workshop

Activities in the Department

  • Expert lecture
  • Industrial visit/ fields visits
  • Students seminars
  • Short term training programs

Faculty members & staff

  • Mrs. Shanti Taring, HOD i/c
  • Mrs. Lipi Karso Ete, Lecturer
  • Mr. Migom Libang, Lecturer
  • Mr. Bengia Taday, Lecturer
  • Mr. Kumar Apum, Labotary Assistant




G 101 Communication Skill-I
G 103 Mathematics-I
G 105 Physics-I
G 107 Chemistry-I
G 201 Engineering Drawing-I
G 203 Workshop Practice-I
G 207 Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
G 109 NCC1 / NSS1

Term 2

G 102 Communication Skill – II
G104 Mathematics-II
G106 Physics-II G
G108 Chemistry-II G
G202 Engineering Drawing-II
G204 Workshop Practice-II
G205 Engineering Mechanics
G110 NCC II / NSS II 0 0

Term 3

G 206B Introduction to Information Technology
G 301 Environmental Education (Softcore-I)
EEE 401 Circuits & Networks
EEE 402 Electrical & Electronic Measurements
EEE 403 Electrical Machines I
EEE 411 Heat Engine

Term 4

EEE 404 Electrical Power Systems I
EEE 407 Electrical Machines II
EEE 406 Electronic Devices & Circuits
EEE 501 Analog Electronics
EEE 502 Digital Electronics
EEE 508 C Programming

Term 5

EEE 408 Electrical Power System II
EEE 409 Power Electronics
EEE 405 Electrical Drawing & Estimation
EEE 410 Electrical & Electronic Workshops
EEE 504 Microprocessor, Microcontroller & its Applications
EEE 507 Maintenance of Electrical & Electronic Equipment
EEE 601-608 Elective I

Term 6

EEE 503 Switch Gear & Protection
EEE 505 Instrumentation & Control
EEE 506 Consumer Electronics
G 302A-F Soft Core II
EEE 509 Technical Seminar
EEE 510 Projects
EEE 601-608 Elective II

Industrial Training: Students have to undergo Industrial Training in one phase during the vacation after the 4th semester. The training shall be for a duration of not less than 5(five) weeks. A Student who does not complete the Industrial Training shall not be eligible for admission in the 5th Semester.