Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering:


About the program:

This program is designed to impart effective training to develop skilled technician to meet the present day requirements of the IT industry. The IT revolution has picked up once again and the department is well equipped with relevant equipment, tools, instruments and software’s to impart effective training. Five laboratories have been set up in the department to provide all the necessary training to the students to meet the challenges of the industry.

The department has 114   personal computers and several servers with sufficient backup power with high quality UPS. The Local Area Network (LAN) connects all the laboratories on a common platform through the servers for effective interactive teaching. All the users have access to internet through VSAT connectivity. Field visit / Industrial visit are a part of the program for better understanding of concept/ topics.

Successful completion of Diploma in provides opportunity to the students to seek and pursue career in different levels of industries of IT applications and IT enabled services like Networking, Software Development, Customer Services, Computer Hardware Trouble shooting and Maintenance, Marketing and Sales etc. both as a professional and as an entrepreneur.

Apart from the regular diploma programs, the department undertakes short term courses (STC), workshops in various areas of demand and courses under the Technical vocational Education and Training (TVET) of the Govt. of India to produce quality technicians and improve computer literacy among the people besides helping the students to keep pace with the changing trend of the IT industry.


To be a center of excellence by producing young diploma technicians with requisite technical breadth in the field of Computer Science and Engineering along with soft skills for the continuous and sustainable growth of the students and the society.


  1. To impart sound technical knowledge and skills by giving quality training,hands on experience and value education.
  2. To provide industrial exposure to the students to the latest tools and technologies in the area of computer hardware and software through Industrial training.
  3. To transform students into socially responsible and ethical diploma professionals by conducting various seminars, personality development activities and social awareness programs.
  4. To promote continuous learning and professional development to enhance innovations and problem solving skills by giving projects and conducting paper presentation competitions.


Laboratories available in the department

  • Central Computing Laboratory
  • Basic Laboratory
  • Core Laboratory
  • Hardware Maintenance and   Networking Laboratory
  • Advance Computing Laboratory

Activities in the Department:

  • Expert lecture
  • Industrial visit/ fields visits
  • Students seminars
  • Short term training programs

Faculty members and Staff

  • Sh. TamoTado, HODi/c
  • Ms. Corinna M. Norbu, Lect.
  • Mrs. Joyir Siram Murtem, Lect.
  • Sh. Dani Nobing STA
  • Sh. Punyo Tatang, Lab Asstt.



G101 Communication Skill-I
G103 Mathematics-I
G105 Physics -I
G107 Chemistry – I
G201 Engineering Drawing-I
G203 Workshop Practice-I
CSE206 Introduction to C Programming*

Term 2

G102 Communication Skill-II
G104 Mathematics-II
G106 Physics-II
G108 Chemistry – II
G202 Engineering Drawing-II
G204 Workshop Practice-II


G207 Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
CSE403 Data Structure
G301 Environmental Education* (Softcore – I)
CSE409 Principles of Multimedia
CSE406 Operating system
CSE502 Object Oriented Programming

Term 4

CSE402 Computer Organization
CSE504 Software Engineering
CSE407 Computer Networks
CSE404 Communication Theory
CSE401 Digital Electronics

Term 5

CSE405 Microprocessor
CSE408 Computer Graphics
CSE505 Internetworking
CSE503 Web Designing
CSE60_ Elective –I *

Term 6

CSE506 Multimedia Technology & Design
G302A-F Soft-Core-II
CSE60_ Elective – II*
CSE60_ Elective – III**
CSE507 Technical Seminar
CSE508 Industrial Training As per Ind. Trg. Table
CSE509 Project

Industrial Training: Students have to undergo Industrial Training in one phase during the vacation after the 4th semester. The training shall be for a duration of not less than 5(five) weeks. A Student who does not complete the Industrial Training shall not be eligible for admission in the 5th Semester.