Conduct and Discipline

Conduct and Discipline:

A student will conform to the highest standard of discipline and will conduct himself/herself within and outside the precincts of the Institute in a befitting manner.The student will have the seriousness of purpose and will, in every way, train himself/herself to acquire proficiency in the career he/she has chosen. The students will show due courtesy and consideration to teachers, wardens, superior officers and functionaries of the institute, and concern for their fellow students.

In case a student receiving scholarship / stipend from any source, is found to indulge in misconduct or indiscipline the institute authority can recommend or stop payment of scholarship/stipend of such a student along with necessary disciplinary actions of the Institute. All instances of misbehaviour or gross misconduct involving punishment, other than reprimand, will be reported to the institute’s Disciplinary committee.The institute reserves the right to rusticate or expel any student from the institute for a given period of time or forever on the recommendation of the institute’s disciplinary committee on reasons considered sufficient by it.

If a student is found indulging in ragging, he / she will be expelled from the Institute or admission / registration / re­ registration / readmission will be refused / terminated.

“Ragging is strictly prohibited”

Any body found involved in ragging activity directly on indirectly will be subjected to action as per the supreme court directives.